Todd E Jones

Your Message Matters.

I find your message between the lines and pull it out from the mess and confusion.

Who Do I help?

I have a history of helping small - medium-sized businesses, consultants, and local small businesses with messaging, marketing, and copywriting. I am a fan of the everyday business who is building a legacy for their families and community.

How can I help?

Marketing Strategy

About Pages

Website Copywriting

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Hey! I'm Todd.

Todd E Jones
Todd E Jones

Hi, I'm Todd. I am a lot of things including a storyteller, a content marketer, a copywriter, and a digital marketer. Most of all, I'm your biggest cheerleader.

I love to cut through the noise and distraction, discover YOUR story, refine it and share it to the world.

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Messaging Matters Show


I interview some of my smartest friends live on YouTube to talk about various ways you can make sure that your message matters. 

Website Copy Framework

Are you looking for the Website Copy Framework? You can find it here

Why should you use me?

No one really wants to talk about it, but I know you are asking. Why would you want to work with me?

The best way to answer that is to show you what other have said and also show you where I have been featured.



Press & Media

See all of those places I've been featured both on video and audio podcasts. Also check out some of the places I have done training.

Anna Bolton

Anna Bolton
Anna Bolton

"Todd is an authority on storytelling in business and one of the few specialists in crafting a corporate About page. He's broken down what works, why, and how to get there with any story. Whether you're a micro-businesses or a larger enterprise, Todd will dig deep to find your Hero's Journey story, so your prospects feel connected, inspired, and see you as different from the rest.

"I use and recommend Todd's process myself. And when I get a chance, I hire him to craft compelling founder stories. Grab his services while you can!" -


Anna Bolton, Conversion Copy Co.

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