Todd E Jones

Strap a rocket to your content and let it fly!

I help businesses who are struggling to create content that is remembered when the browser is closed.

You know those business owners who just don't know what to say on their websites?

That's who we help. Is that you? Keep reading.

No more stumbling around looking for the right words, staring at a blank page, and peeking at competitors to find ideas.

We dive into your story to find the right message.

We leverage the Website Copy Framework process to build your business story, create your unique message and create your website content.

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Hey! I'm Todd.

Todd E Jones
Todd E Jones

I love thinking strategically. Therefore, I love creating. I have created various types of content over the years. One time, I created a workbook for a Depression Support Group. I helped an author launch his first book, writing a chapter, creating an email launch sequence and landing page. I have landed guest spots on podcasts such as the Business Storytelling Show with Christophe Trappe and the SDM Show with Rob Cairns.

When I’m not thinking about creating something, I’m watching professional wrestling, looking at old dirt track racing pictures, finding a cat I can pet (I’m a cat whisperer!), or playing DJ watching and sharing videos of songs from my youth! I can find the storytelling in each of those and believe it has the power to persuade and make an impact.

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Website Copy Framework

Are you looking for the Website Copy Framework? You can find it here

Todd E Jones -- The About Page Guy

For 10+ years, I have been a solopreneur helping many SMBs with content and copywriting. My goal is to help them be more memorable so they connect with their audience. I use storytelling to help and I am a huge fan of About Pages.

Over the years, I have worked jobs that seem to have nothing in common—retail, grocery, vending, tech journalism and ministry. However, they have shaped the skills that have created who I am championing customer experience, communication, and community building.

For a season I called myself “The About Page Guy” and it stuck. I was asked to be a Subject Matter Expert for a blog post for a very reputable content marketer. About Pages have become a sort of a sweet spot for me because the entire brand’s story is told on that one page.


Press & Media

See all of those places I've been featured both on video and audio podcasts. Also check out some of the places I have done training.

Anna Bolton

Anna Bolton
Anna Bolton

"Todd is an authority on storytelling in business and one of the few specialists in crafting a corporate About page. He's broken down what works, why, and how to get there with any story. Whether you're a micro-businesses or a larger enterprise, Todd will dig deep to find your Hero's Journey story, so your prospects feel connected, inspired, and see you as different from the rest.

"I use and recommend Todd's process myself. And when I get a chance, I hire him to craft compelling founder stories. Grab his services while you can!" -


Anna Bolton, Conversion Copy Co.

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