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5 Lessons I learned about Storytelling from Professional Wrestling

By Todd E Jones | May 15, 2024

In 1985, in a small studio in Charlotte, NC, the interviewer welcomed one of the most popular pro wrestlers of that time, Dusty Rhodes, to the mic. And in that moment, Rhodes cuts one of the best “promos” (slang for promotion to sell a fight, or a match) in pro […]

Video: Three reasons for a stellar About Page

By Todd E Jones | April 24, 2024

Hi, this is Todd from Copyflight. Today, I want to talk about three reasons why you need a stellar “About Us” page. We often neglect the “About Us” page, but it’s actually one of the most visited pages on your website. People who visit your site are interested in learning […]

My 2024 theme, just keep fighting.

By Todd E Jones | January 8, 2024

Every year, it seems people are looking for hope, some kind of advantage, for the new year. I can remember years ago, strategist Chris Brogan launched his “three words” for the new year. I tried to follow along. I did it for a year or two, but it faded. In […]

Addressing the elephant in the room

The Elephant in the Room: Story Archetypes and StoryBrand

By Todd E Jones | September 21, 2023

I think it’s time we address the elephant in the room… Occasionally, when someone is talking to me about website copy, I get asked, “Do you do copywriting like StoryBrand (or use StoryBrand)?” Or some other variation of that question. My thought is, “what do you mean by doing copywriting […]

Featured image: Writing purpose

I’m adjusting my purpose for writing and how I see value.

By Todd E Jones | May 10, 2023

I’m adjusting my purpose for writing. I am no longer writing for value! Starting today, my goal in writing a piece of content is not to deliver value. Not anymore. Not for me. I’ve heard people talking about the importance of delivering value in emails and blog posts for almost […]

About Pages

Why does it take so long to create an About Page? Brand Manifestos

By Todd E Jones | May 18, 2022

Why does it take you so long to create an About Page, Todd? I mean, really, why? I’ll answer that, but first, let’s chat. Manifestos get a horrible rap. Totally understandable. Horrific acts of hate this past weekend by those who committed them also had manifestos attached to them. I […]

Website Copy Framework on Product Hunt

The Website Copy Framework is now on Product Hunt

By Todd E Jones | August 13, 2020

As some of you know, last year, I launched the Website Copy Framework. It is a series of worksheets and ebooks that help business owners compile the elements they need for their website copy. I had some friends who really helped me and encouraged me to launch. I am grateful. […]

Client Management

4 ways to increase efficiency for client management

By Guest Author | July 28, 2020

Repeat clients are the backbone of any business, and clients are more likely to return if you do a great job the first time around. It sounds simple, but it’s one of those things that so many businesses fail to do. You’re going to have to work with a wide […]


I have had 12 surgeries in 10 years. Why storytelling matters to me.

By Todd E Jones | March 10, 2020

This particular article is the place where I pull back the curtain and as a result, it is very raw.  “I have had twelve surgeries in ten years.” I have to step back a moment to reflect when I said that. Those who know me best know I am far […]

Featured image: A year end review for Copyflight

A year end review for Copyflight and Todd E Jones

By Todd E Jones | December 30, 2019

I’m not one to make yearly review type posts. I mean, for MainWP, I usually do some kind of recap of blog posts, but here and other places I own, I usually don’t them. Call me a tad inspired. Today I will look back (veiled of course) at the year […]

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