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Featured image: How to Write & Optimize your About Page

How to write your About Page, optimize and turn it into a secret weapon for more business

By Todd E Jones | July 22, 2019

Most people, I think, really don’t want to talk about themselves. I think it is our nature, at least most of us. Maybe we feel we are being self-centered. . . Maybe we think we are being narcissistic. Maybe our parents told us to not talk about ourselves too much. […]


My latest appearance on a podcast with Robert Cairns of Stunning Digital Marketing

By Todd E Jones | March 19, 2019

I found myself on a stunning podcast. Well, I found myself on the Stunning Digital Podcast. I like getting to chat with my friends. If it happens to be in a podcast, then that’s even better! Last week I sat down with Robert Cairns at the Stunning Digital Marketing podcats. […]

Content Creators Planner

Content planning is essential and this resource will help you put it all together

By Todd E Jones | February 7, 2019

I remember working for Talk Business & Politics in Arkansas a few years back. I was tasked with the job of starting the Startup & Technology part of the website. I had to come up with content regularly. It was a tall task. My boss, Roby, told me to come up with […]

Featured image: How to Write your homepage

Write your homepage, 6 tips to help you optimize the front door of your website

By Todd E Jones | October 4, 2018

This post is long, so I made a PDF you can download for free! [cp_popup display=”inline” style_id=”4268″ step_id = “1”][/cp_popup]   A couple of years ago I tried my best to begin my journey into content and copywriting for WordPress agencies. I had contracted a project, and I made some […]

Courtesy of

How you can start learning copywriting with these fantastic resources, many of them for free!

By Todd E Jones | August 9, 2018

At the end of last month, a question came up in the Content Creators Facebook group about learning more about copywriting. I answered and I, want to expound on that answer tad. Now, why would a web creator or WordPress professional learn more about copywriting? I’m sure there are multiple […]

Copyflight story

The Copyflight story, giving credit where it’s due

By Todd E Jones | June 30, 2018

Note: Some of these links contain affiliate links which means if you purchase the product after clicking the link on this site, I will make a small amount.  Recently I watched the movie Waffle Street on Netflix. It is the story of a financial advisor named James Adams. He worked […]

Putting content first

Put the content before the design of your website, and don’t look back

By Todd E Jones | June 15, 2018

We build websites backward, and in doing so, we forget that content is the most important thing to drive business. It took me a long time to figure that out, but I understand why. Mostly, in the world of small business, owners (and web developers) don’t think in terms of […]


4 Pillars of storytelling that will make your business more magnetic

By Todd E Jones | May 5, 2018

Storytelling has picked up steam in recent years for brands as they try to connect with their customers. There is a good reason for that. Stories are very powerful. As a business, how do you craft a story that will resonate with your audience? One of the first things you […]

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