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Struggling to create content that resonates with your audience?

Is your website content failing to attract new leads or convert visitors into customers?

You're not alone. Many businesses struggle to create engaging and effective content that drives results.

Here's the harsh reality: Bland, generic content gets ignored. It gets lost in the sea of sameness.

Or, you simply don’t know where to start. Perhaps your content is all over the place and has no consistency.

The consequences? Stagnant website traffic, missed opportunities, and ultimately, lost revenue.

But there's good news! 

You don't have to settle for boring content.

With my content coaching, we will take a look at:

  • Structure your content for clarity and easy reading.
  • Build an About Page you aren’t afraid to show your mom!
  • How to use the REO Framework to create more compelling content.
  • Talk about your content strategy and think and apply my unique strategy to your business.
  • Develop ideas that can help you create unique, signature content that makes your business more memorable.

Stop struggling with content creation on your own. Let our experienced coaches guide you to content success. (Solution)

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Two Options

1:1 Coaching Session

Coaching on Zoom or another video chat platform at an appointed time.

1:1 Asynchronous Coaching

Coaching using video and email, not bound by an appointment.

Todd E Jones

About each session

We offer a limited number of 1:1 (one-to-one) consulting sessions. Once you book a session, we send you your invoice and you make your payment before the session begins.

There is no long-term commitment.  You book a session, when it’s done, you decide to book again or move on. Hopefully, in one session, I’ve given you the tools to take the next step.

We will talk about what is causing you to be stuck in creating your content. We will discuss ways you can move forward.

If you are a serviced-based digital solopreneur, freelancer, or owner of a small creative agency and need help with content strategy, you will be a great fit for this service. These coaching sessions are designed for you in mind.



Getting started with content

I get it. You have been hearing for years now that you need to create content, but you realize it is harder than you think. Don’t let that hold you back. All over the globe, entrepreneurs are diving into creating content for their ideal client and it is making a difference in their business. Sometimes you need a helping hand or someone to give you guidance.

Sometimes it is blog content, but other times it could be videos, Facebook Live, podcasts, public speaking, or presentations. It may be a combination of all of the above. We’ll explore that and what is right for you.

About Page & Storytelling

About pages and business storytelling is something I am passionate about. I believe I can help businesses implement storytelling much more into their everyday content.

Want to get started using storytelling for your business? I will help you get going.

We can talk about your About page or how to create your origin story and show you how to use storytelling in your content.

Quick Wins

We will explore the types of content that will get you a quick win.

First 25

Just getting started? New website? Unsure what to write first. Let's dig in to help you set a foundation.

Remarkable Content

Explore characteristics of remarkable content and we look at some examples.

One on One Content Coaching

60 minutes for $100.

Asynchronous Coaching

This coaching sessions are Asynchronous, which means we interact, but we do it on our own time. There are not set meetings that someone has to attend.

For the individual session, you bring up the topic you want to discuss, the issues you are having, and we get to work. I will answer you with a video email and you can reply there.

This individual coaching is a one session, one topic, for $29.

Click the button, make a payment, and I will send you an email. You reply with what you want to talk about or what you are struggling with. I will send you a video email with my thoughts and offer insight.

It's that simple!

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