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Content planning is essential and this resource will help you put it all together

I remember working for Talk Business & Politics in Arkansas a few years back. I was tasked with the job of starting the Startup & Technology part of the website. I had to come up with content regularly.

It was a tall task. My boss, Roby, told me to come up with a formula to help.

A couple of years ago, I started writing blog posts for MainWP, a WordPress Management dashboard plugin. I write two a week, and sometimes it gets a tad overwhelming. I’m sure I’ve had dreams about not publishing something. You’ve had those dreams, right? You have work to turn in, but you forget to get it done.

Content can be overwhelming, but you can mitigate that if you take time to do some planning. Planning helps so much.

Enter the Content Creators Planner

This is why I am super pumped about the Content Creators Planner that Kim Doyal and Jodi Hersh are putting out! This is an actual physical planner that Kim and Jodi worked on for months.

The cool thing about the planner is that it makes room to layout goals, create your content “formula,” plan content ideas, and much more. I see this is a crucial part of a content strategy going forward.

Kim explains the idea for a physical content planner,

“As much as I love all things digital, I have never stopped being a pen & paper person. I’ve tried plenty of to-do apps, online programs, you name it… but I always come back to pen and paper. I use an app for creating my daily to-do list and we use a project management app for this brand, but when it comes to planning and creating, physically writing things down helps me remember them and process them as I’m writing.” Kim Doyal

The planner is not just for blog content because there are places in the book for social media and podcasting.

If you run a business online and you produce content on a regular basis, this is the secret playbook you have been missing.

The Content Creators Planner

The planner is now available at the website!

“The Content Creators Planner was born to solve a problem we all feel as Content Creators.”  Content Creators Planner

Kim and Jodi have also shared with others about their product via some live video events (see below).

The planners come in a single, quarterly planner ($39), an Annual Subscription ($140) which gets you each quarter, and a Complete Digital Planner ($25).

What makes this physical planner so great? How about the number seven?

That’s right, seven. Seven reasons for you to pay attention to this planner. There are seven strategic parts to this planner.

Seven Reasons to buy this planner

Content Goals & Strategy – What is any task without a goal and strategy? The planner has a section to map this out.

Content Checklists – Who doesn’t like a checklist to keep themselves on point? I know I use them quite often. No need to use another checklist because they already included in the planner. That’s right, the planner includes 8 content checklists. Eight checklists!

Monthly Content Calendar
We all need a calendar to keep up with the dates and how they relate to our various tasks. The planner includes a monthly and a weekly calendar.

Weekly Content Calendar
Stay up to date each week with the weekly calendar. It lets you keep up with your daily and weekly goals.

Monthly Statistics
Keep track of your stats each month. Track them from month to month with the planner’s statistics tracker.

Quarterly Statistics
Are you on target for your quarter? Keep track with the Quarterly Statistics tracker.

Monthly Review
Highlight what you accomplished by reviewing your month to date. The planner gives you space and some starter questions to reflect.

Want to learn more?

Kim and Jodi have gone live many times and in various communities to show their planner.

You can see the two share the planner with Lee Jackson from Agency Trailblazer.

Introduction to the Content Creators Planner with Kim and Jodi

Posted by Lee Jackson – Agency Trailblazer on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I think you will see the magnitude of this product’s potential to take away a legitimate pain planning your content.

So, head over to the Content Creators Planner website and get your copy today. They will be shipping at the end of February 2019. It will surely make the rest of your year a little bit easier.

Oh, and tell Kim and Jodi that Todd sent you 😉

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