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How to Never Struggle with Blog Topics Again


This ebook includes

  • Five exercises to find topics
  • Bonus Material: templates
  • Format template
  • A Workflow you can use

The Content Checklist for WP Developers

Struggling to get content from your clients?

Do you struggle to get content from your clients? Are they staring blankly at the WordPress Dashboard unsure of what content they need to create?

Never again!

Give them this checklist at the beginning of the project, before you start designing. This will help them start working on the content from the start of your project.

No email required - just click and download

Website copy framework


Eliminate the headaches of delayed launches with the Website Copy Framework for Agencies.

You have been there, and so have I.
You are ready to launch your client's website,
only there's one problem.

You are waiting . . .

You are waiting to get the content from your client. Your client is stuck. This delays the launch of your project and may delay getting paid. I mean, the rent doesn't get paid with unpaid invoices.

Am I right?

Don't leave them without help.

With the Website Copy Framework for Agencies, you can start the project by giving your client the tools to create their copy.

Get 25% off the White Label Website Copy Framework

Use discount code "ithemes"

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