Copyflight Weekly – Podcasts and Office Hours in September

I have smart friends. That’s by design.

That is one thing I can pride myself on, finding, and meshing with smart people.

I see them everywhere I turn.

Take this tweet from my friend Hannah:


My friend Rob Cairns has been saying that marketing is a relationship for a long time. 

I love it when two friends who don’t’ know each other say the same thing.

I have consumed content in so many different ways over the past ten years. One way I have not used that much is podcasts. I am trying to do better. Heck, I have my own now!

I believe we can learn a lot from each other. When I make friends with people, I am often attracted by their words of wisdom.

I strive to do the same for others. I also love to bring smart people to my audience. There will be more of that in the next year.

This week’s Copyflight Weekly looks back on the past month.

September Office Hours

In September, I hosted four “Office Hours” for the Website Copy Framework. I hope you could catch them, but I have included the links below for you to view if you have not.

They all took place as a live event on Facebook. One took place on a Saturday. One of them included a guest and took place on a Wednesday.

I am committed to helping my customers improve their website copy and content skills. So, when you decide to purchase a copy of the Website Copy Framework, you can access this training.

I am moving towards some training in a membership setting by the first of the year. 

I already have a guest scheduled for Friday, October 23rd. I will give you more information about this event and an additional “Office Hours” in the next couple of weeks. 

September 4 – Copy vs. Content

View on Facebook

September 12 – The Messaging Compass

View on Facebook

September 18 – Storytelling in content

View on Facebook

Sept 23 – Project Management for website content with Beth Livingston

View on Facebook

How I Built it – Joe Casabona

Using Webinars to Grow Your Audience with Emily Hunkler

I have been hanging out in the GoWP community for some time now. GoWP services agencies as a white label solution for various WordPress services.

Over the past few months, I met Emily Hunkler and noted how welcoming she is to me and others in the community.

Through her leadership, GoWP started doing Webinars and their Happiness Hour. 

Well, veteran podcaster Joe Casabona recently had Emily on his show, How I Built It, to talk about the webinars and the Happiness Hour.

October Special for Website Copy Framework

Orange Pumpkins on Hammock
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


October is arguably my favorite month. One reason? Pumpkin.

That’s right; I love pumpkin. 

By that, I do not mean pumpkin spice lattes. I like pumpkin and pumpkin spice but in tasty morsels like pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin pie.

I wrote a blog post about pumpkins one time.

For a limited time (through October 31), I have a discount code for $20 off either the regular Website Copy Framework or the Website Copy Framework’s White Label version

Simply use the code “pumpkin.” 

I’m not kidding. That’s the code, that’s it.

Use that code and get $20 off.

What about Black Friday and the Holidays? I don’t know. I might do something, but there are no guarantees. 

Another option to get a discount is to upgrade to the WP Agency Summit’s lifetime access, and there will be a special discount for the White Label version.

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