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Beat the blank page blues with content coaching

Content Coaching is designed to help solopreneurs, creative and tech consultants beat the blank page blues.

Stuck. Sometimes you just get stuck.

It happens in life and it happens in business. Getting unstuck is helping you identify the things that are blocking your progress. Moving forward means identifying the things that can help you with new ideas and processes.

You are hungry for success, really, you are, but you have hit a wall and not able to move forward.

When you feel stuck like this, sometimes you just stare at your blank screen hoping something will happen. Sometimes you feel lost, not sure what to do next, where to go. Maybe, you just ran out of ideas, your brain is blank and you need inspiration. Maybe you need a process to move forward.


Time to take it up a notch!


This is where Copyflight can help. We offer a limited number of 1:1 (one to one) coaching sessions. Once you book a session, we send you your invoice and you make your payment before the session begins.

There is no long-term commitment.  You book a session, when it’s done, you decide to book again or move on. Hopefully, in one session, I’ve given you the tools to take the next step.

We will talk about what is causing you to be stuck in creating your content. We will discuss ways you can move forward.

If you are a serviced based digital solopreneur, freelancer or an owner of a small creative agency and need help with content strategy, you will be a great fit for this service. These coaching sessions are designed for you in mind.

Topics covered:

Blog Content and Planning

Need help deciding on content and topics for your blog? I wrote the book on that (no really, I wrote the book).  There are keys to making sure your blog content resonates with your readers and we will explore those in your session.

Lead Magnet Ideas and Implementation

If you are going to grow your email list, you need lead magnets. To create lead magnets, you need lead magnet ideas. I will help you brainstorm ideas you can implement quickly. It may not be a 30-page ebook but something more simple and full of value for your customers.

Getting started with content

I get it. You have been hearing for years now that you need to create content, but you realize it is harder than you think. Don’t let that hold you back. All over the globe, entrepreneurs are diving into creating content for their ideal client and it is making a difference in their business. Sometimes you need a helping hand or someone to give you guidance.

Sometimes it is blog content, but other times it could be videos, Facebook Live, podcasts, public speaking, or presentations. It may be a combination of all of the above. We’ll explore that and what is right for you.



$100 for 60 minutes

I will give you pre-session homework, depending on what you wish to discuss, so you can be ready for our session.

Once you submit the form below, you will be directed to a page where you can book your session and make your payment.

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