Website Copy Framework for Agencies

The Website Copy Framework for Agencies is a guide to help create your website content and get your website launched on time.

Website copy framework

Eliminate the headaches of delayed launches with the Website Copy Framework for Agencies.

You have been there, and so have I.
You are ready to launch your client's website,
only there's one problem.

You are waiting . . .

You are waiting to get the content from your client. Your client is stuck. This delays the launch of your project and may delay getting paid. I mean, the rent doesn't get paid with unpaid invoices.

Am I right?

Don't leave them without help.

With the Website Copy Framework for Agencies, you can start the project by giving your client the tools to create their copy.

Not only that but you can add value to your project. Adding value means a higher rate for you and your team. The Website Copy Framework for Agencies will help you do this. Plus, you can launch your website on time!

The Website Copy Framework for Agencies will help you be a more valued expert.

Paul Lacey

Paul Lacey told me...

He sold a consulting session to one of his clients, and, while walking them through the process, the client began to recognize the value of the content for the website.

Here at Dickiebirds, we've been making that transition from a web design agency to a full-service digital agency. Actually, this is quite tough. It's one thing selling new and wider services, and another delivering.

The Web Copy Framework has helped us deliver simple copy-writing services that complement the wider service we offer. We've written blog posts for clients, about pages, home pages, and landing page copy.

We're by no means high-end professional copy-writers, and never will be. But the framework helps us deliver much better content than that of what our clients would write by themselves.

Paul Lacey
Co-Founder, Dickiebirds Studio

Website Copy Framework for Agencies

Here is what all is included:

The Website Copy Framework for Agencies includes a framework to write your Homepage, About Page, and your Service Page.

Additionally, the framework pack includes three additional worksheets for the Unique Value Proposition, Company Story, and Extracting Benefits.

Additionally, the pack has three ebooks, one for the Homepage, one for the About Page, and one for a Company Story.

Also included is a Start Here document that gives you some insight on how to use the pack.

All worksheets are brandable allowing you to use your company's name

In all, there are 8 documents totaling over
13K words and over 100 pages.




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