Important question for businesses who are struggling to write copy for their websites

What’s the difference between a business who writes compelling, high converting copy

and a business who stammers along, unsure of what to write, and watches his website project be delayed for months on end?

Website copy framework

You might choose to...

Sit down one night dump all the info about your business out of your brain.

Turn it over to your writer friend who has an English degree and writes essays for fun on the weekend.

Wait for the business fairy to wave their wand and watch the copy magically appear.

But the results will be the same…

Your copy will not be compelling as you will have only created a data dump of information. You are left without a basic company messaging that really speaks to your customers about why they need your service.

You will still be wandering aimlessly trying to define who you are as a company. 

The truth is dumping information on a page is not persuasive. Website Copywriting is a different type of skill. 

You need to write persuasive copy and that means knowing the basics: target audience, benefits of your service, and the pain points you solve for your customer.

Most of your competitors’ websites are not compelling. 

Compelling website copy is your chance to position your business online.

And, you can jump ahead by creating more compelling website copy.



  • Not staring at a blank page trying to decide what to write.
  • Knowing immediately what to include on your About Page.
  • Your inbox dinging from potential customers wanting a quote.
  • Actually getting business from your website and it not just being a pretty bookstop on the web.



Write More Compelling Website Copy for your Business

These 10 resources will help you write a more conversion-focused website.

Todd E Jones

That's me, Todd E Jones.

But Todd, why did you create this?

For years I worked in the WordPress agency space. I noticed that customers struggled to get their copy info in for the project.

I wanted to help.

The deeper I dug the more I realized the only thing that will help is pinpointing the why of the customer’s messaging.

Most don’t want to do this work. But they suffer the consequences of delayed websites and meh copy.

Business is run at a lightning pace. But sometimes, you have to slow down to really find out who you are.

Not everyone can afford a seasoned marketer to walk them through their messaging. Not everyone can afford the top copywriter to help them find their voice.

I created the Website Copy Framework to help businesses put in place the foundation of their business message.

Watch the Demo

Some find the help of a framework ideal to avoid procrastination and learn more about their company.

Sandra Carter

Sandra Carter

“Sometimes I just need to get all the words out and organize them later.

“But I’m too OCD for that usually... I feel like it takes too long to have to go back later and change it.. so I put it off entirely.

“Having a framework helps me keep on track with one topic at a time."
Sandra Carter, Copywriter

Website Copy Framework

The Website Copy Framework will actually help you strategize your website copy.

In the package, you will have access to several worksheets such as these.

Value Proposition

  • Create a compass for your business message
  • Give a framework for your elevator speech

Extracting Benefits

  • Determine the benefits of your service
  • Breakthrough the surface features to find what people need and want

Company Story Worksheet

  • Find the elements that make your story
  • Learn what values that drive your company

About Page Framework

  • Create a compelling About Page
  • Learn how to turn it into a lead generating page


  • How to use your About Page as a secret weapon to boost credibility and drive leads
  • How to write your website homepage
  • Fundamental Elements of Crafting a Story

Frameworks for:

  • About Page
  • Homepage
  • Service Page

In all, there are 8 documents totaling over
13K words and over 100 pages.


Website Copy Framework + Coaching Bundle

Get a copy of the Website Copy Framework eBook and 4 60- minute coaching sessions to help create your website content.

Have a look inside

Keep up with the product on our Facebook Page. While you are there, check out our free video demos of the product.

My promise to you

Not only do you learn to write better, more compelling copy, but you will assemble a compass for your business messaging.

 There’s no more need to write boring, general copy that fails to persuade a slug.

Updates for life

Founding members get future updates.

That's right -- when I add updates to the package, you get those updates for life.

Free Consultation

With the purchase of the Website Copy Framework you will get a free 30-minute consultation.

Just schedule a call on my calendar and we will visit on Zoom.


Website Copy Framework + Coaching Bundle

Get a copy of the Website Copy Framework eBook and 4 60- minute coaching sessions to help create your website content.

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