Website Copy Framework on Product Hunt

The Website Copy Framework is now on Product Hunt

As some of you know, last year, I launched the Website Copy Framework. It is a series of worksheets and ebooks that help business owners compile the elements they need for their website copy.

I had some friends who really helped me and encouraged me to launch.

I am grateful.

To date, I have sold enough to believe that it is a product that is validated.

I have looked for ways to get the product to a broader audience for a time now.

In fact, I launched an ebook a couple of weeks ago that brings people into a nurture funnel.

I decided the next step was to launch the WCF to Product Hunt.

Further, I chatted with Copychat Show guest Eman Zabi because she launched her launch deck on Product Hunt.

It worked very well for her, and she was able to sell more.

My goal is to reach a broader audience.

Therefore, I launched it on the tech platform.

If you are a member of Product Hunt, please upvote the product.

If you have used the Website Copy Framework and have benefited from its use, please leave a review. It all helps!

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