What I’m reading this month – the need for more quality content

Sometimes I fail to really keep up with what I am reading. I am resolving to try to share some of this with you each week.

What better way to do this than in a Weekly. So here we go.

Today I am talking about content. Mostly. I slip in some “future (or present) of work” for you.

The Context of Things

The Context of Things
Author: Ted Bauer

One of my favorite emails to read these days is the one by Ted Bauer. Ted talks about the future (and present sometimes) of the world of work and HR.

He does a great job of synthesizing info and using a narrative framework. I find myself goind down a lot of rabbit holes.

His email is longer, a deeper dive with lots of links. Some go to exteral works while others go to his blog where he has written prolifically for a while now.

Also, it appears he has a podcast. I will be looking at that in the future.

Here is an example of one of his emails

SaaS Content Marketing: Why You Should Focus on Bottom of the Funnel First to Drive Signups

Grow and Convert
Author: Benji Hyam

Those who have followed me the past few years know I am a big fan of Grow and Convert.

The topic of this article does not surprise me as I have followed their content the past few years. They indicate it might be better for SaaS clients to go straight to bottom of funnel content for sign ups. They have hinted at that for some time now.

Beni Hyam, one of the co-founders writes this article and he explains that most potential customers have already viewed top of the funnel content.

“Another way of saying it is that most SaaS businesses sell to advanced customers — people who have been in their industry for years. They’re not starting from a knowledge level of zero. And therefore, most top of the funnel content (which usually covers introductory level “why this is important” or “ultimate guide to this niche” topics) is below their knowledge level — they already know all that stuff.”

Benji Hyam

I actually said the same thing in a quote on an article earlier this year (I got my insights from Grow and Convert). I even got my picture in the article 🙂

How a Unique Selling Proposition for Our Content Marketing Doubled Revenue

Author: Jason Quey

My friend Jason wrote this article at Copyhackers. He makes a compelling case for having a unique selling proposition for content marketing. Another way to say this is a unique value proposition (UVP).

By the way, we address this quickly in the Website Copy Framework. We help you walk through the process of creating a UVP.

His premise is that you don’t need to wait 6-12 months to see results (sales) with content marketing.

“You see, traffic is a vanity metric. And while leads are nice, it’s costly to chase after prospects which only clog your sales pipeline.”

Jason Quey

He goes on to talk about finding a value prop and the process to define it.

(It’s important to note that he defines value proposition and unique selling position differently.)

No one really needs MORE content from you

Content Creator’s Planner
Author: Jodi Hersh

When you work on your content calendar, do you think about your unique selling or unique value propositions?

Jodi brings up a problem we have experienced in the past few years. Too much content.

Mark Schaefer came up with the term “Content Shock” when he wrote about this six years ago.

Jodi talks about how it plays out today:

“The problem with the internet is that there is simply too much information. Over 4.4 million blog posts are published each day 😮. Some good. Mostly 💩. And we spend our time as information consumers searching, filtering, dredging… for the good. When we find it, hallelujah, the answer we have been looking for to solve our problem, end our pain, fulfill our aspiration.”

Jodi Hersh

Next she follows up with, “You want to be the clear signal in all the noise. Not create more noise.”

I agree with Jodi. We need to create more quality content less often.

Then we can follow that up with content distribution, but that is for another discussion.

Thanks Jodi!

Wrapping it up

What kinds of things are you reading? Have your come across these articles?

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