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About Page Teardown for Oyler Creative

Here is the latest About Page Teardown. In this teardown, we take a look at Oyler Creative’s About Page.

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Hey guys, this is Todd with copy flight. going to do an about page tear down. This one is for Paul Oyler I hope I’m saying your name correctly, Paul. But it’s he’s from Oyler Creative, and he’s affectionately known to those of us on twitter as Pappy, he is in the WordPress community. He’s a good man.
So anyway, just to get going there, it’s going to be we’re gonna look at five or six questions.

  1. The first one is, what does your headline say?
  2. Number two, do you “Do you pinpoint my pain?”
  3. Three, “Can I see a future? Better self?”
  4. Four, “Is your company credible?”
  5. Five, “Do you have a story to tell?”
  6. And six, “Do you call me to action.”

So I will drop those in the notes that are on YouTube, as well as the article that’s at the Copyflight blog. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what we have here.
First, you see he does have a headline. So that’s, that’s the first thing I think Paul actually downloaded my about page framework. So he has a headline here and it does say something. He says “We focus on your website so you can focus on your business.”

which is a big pain point for a lot of small businesses, they just don’t have the time to do that. So that’s a really nice headline to get going. is obvious from the beginning. He’s trying to appeal to people who are short on time, and but need to have a website presence.

So in the second paragraph, he has a mission, which I think is really good, I think it’s always good. If you can put a mission even if it’s short, in your about page. It shows that you have something from which you are basing what you’re doing. But what I would do here looking at your page, Paul, this third paragraph right here to me, it pinpoints the pain point, it pinpoints the pain of your customer. And I would like to see it be the first paragraph in your about page. So it’s pretty well done. We know that there are a lot of DIY website platforms out there. He’s immediately addressing a possible objection, and TV commercials and make them look easy. But before you realize you, you have spent hours attempting to create a website that doesn’t look good or function like you want.

That right there is a common point of pain for small businesses and ministries that the kind of people that Paul appeals to with his business. So very good. I think that be your first paragraph, that’s my opinion.

You do mention that you have a history of experienced WordPress websites. And I think that’s good to know. You mentioned that you work with it since 2000. So that’s a good right there. You’ve been doing this for two since 2000.

So that is 19 years of service, Paul, what I would say is that you tell people that you but you really don’t show. So the thing I would say is the question that comes up, is your company credible? I think your company is credible. If you had a couple of really powerful testimonies, they would go really good right here. I think I think that if you put those testimonials on this page, a couple that really say, Hey, we hired Paul to do this for us. And this is the benefit we received from using your services, that in my opinion would be a good place to put that testimony on this page. So that kind of answers the question. Is your company credible? I think you’re credible, I just think that you need to find some, some social proof –if you will– to go on there. And it might even be maybe you have taken a WordPress course or some kind of recognized award. Maybe you did a HubSpot course on online marketing, I don’t know. But those kinds of things would be good right there.

I would like for you to tell a little bit of story. I know that’s not easy to do for yourself. But you know, even a story just about how you started your business. Maybe a hardship you came through just to show that you’re human, or how would even say because I know some things about your Paul. I know that you had done weightlifting. Because I’ve seen the pictures. I know that you like the Grateful Dead and classic rock because we’ve discussed that before. I know you like dirt track racing, any, any one of those things could be something that you could put in that tells a little bit something about you and might be something that other business owners would resonate with. So kind of create a connection between you and them.

Can I see my future self?

I don’t know that you really show that. But I think that’s something that you could benefit from on this page just is telling people what it would look like working with Paul, you know, and that that could come in the form of testimony. So somebody says, Hey, I never really think much about it, because Paul’s taking care of it. But I do know that we’re making, you know, business from our website, whatever. a testimonial could do a good job with that as well. But the idea is even if you use what I call the “imagine statements,” “imagine not worrying about your website, not worried that you need to update something.” “Imagine being able to just send an email to someone and they take care of it for you. Imagine statements are good for that as well.” So that’s something you might consider.

The last question is do you call to action, I think you do that you have one right here, contact Oyler Creative. And then you have another one down here. With a call to action button, I want peace of mind is what you’re focusing on as a call to action. So I think that’s really good. The other thing I would add to that is besides contacting you, I would find a way to get people on your email list.

Either a giveaway, worksheet or checklist or something like that, or even just asked him to sign up for regular updates that you may send people.

Another thing you might consider doing is if you have a lower-end product that maybe doesn’t cost as much, but it could be, you know, a paid discovery session or website audit or something like that lower in whether it’s free or even you have just a few dollars, I think that would be a good thing to put your or your best service. So if you have a good service that you really fit, people really get the most out of I would feature that. So I would look at one of those three or four things have a having something to get people on an email list. A low-end product, as far as price goes and less expensive or, or a discovery session or something like that consultation. I do like the free consultation idea. But also your best service.

So if your best service is WordPress management, you have a monthly plan that you put people on and just you know first fixed price and you take care of things that would be possibly a good thing to put on this page as well. But you do have a call to action. So I do think that’s a really good thing.

All in all not a bad about page. Very, a very good lot better than most I see. I certainly think you can tweak some things and that I mentioned in the video, so I good job Paul.
I will chat with you guys later.

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