My latest appearance on a podcast with Robert Cairns of Stunning Digital Marketing

I found myself on a stunning podcast. Well, I found myself on the Stunning Digital Podcast.

I like getting to chat with my friends. If it happens to be in a podcast, then that’s even better!

Last week I sat down with Robert Cairns at the Stunning Digital Marketing podcats.

Robert has become a pretty good friend in the past couple of months. We have some similar likes including wrestling (pro rasslin’) and car racing.


I had a great time. He asked me about what I do with copywriting.

We talked about the content checklist I launched a few weeks back (here’s the link). Robert even asked me about the landing page. Another thing we talked about was lead magnets, how to implement that, and how we can help others.

We brought up a lot of her favorites like Davinder Singh Kainth, Kim Doyal, James Bullis, Kyle Van Deusen, and several others.

Robert owns a digital marketing company in Toronto and has been involved in tech for longer than the internet has been public.

If you wanna take a listen, you can check it out here 

I appreciate Robert asking me on his show and let me talk about storytelling and copywriting. 

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